How 3B Works

3B is a fun new
web experience

3B allows you take any web sites or photos and place them in a personalized 3D space, your 3B room. You can use MySpace, Hi5 or Bebo pages or photos you've loaded onto Flickr, Photobucket or any other web

The thing with 3B is that you can make it totally YOURS, it's your unique 3D space. And 3B is incredibly easy to use, it's simpler than uploading a photo to the web and FREE. And if you're in the mood, you can share your 3B room with your friends. You can even create your own avatar and hang out with them virtually and wander around 3B rooms, stores and cities together.

If you love surfing the web, then 3B is for you! We have 3B cities which are themed to give you the best the web has to offer, with hundreds of sites dedicated to one topic, you'll find stuff you haven't even dreamed of. Check out: 3B Miss Teen, 3B comics, 3B Teen alternative and 3B downloadable music and these are just a few!

We haven't forgotten that you need retail therapy, yes 3B has stores galore, where you'll find everything from clothes, accessories, music, games to cars. So take a stroll around our 3B stores.

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