How 3B Works

Introducing 3B

  • Windowshop the World Wide Web with 3B!
  • It's free and takes less than 5 minutes to get started
  • Explore 3D cities or malls made of hundreds of websites
  • You'll know what you want when you see it
  • Scan through hundreds of sites just by looking
  • Discover great new sites as you travel around
  • Use a streetmap to find your way, or take a taxi!
  • To browse any website, just enter its window
  • 3B comes with the popular Firefox browser built in

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3B moves the web on from:

  • 2-D to 3-D
  • Narrowband to broadband
  • Doing research to taking a stroll
  • Catalogue reading to window-shopping
  • Classified ads to billboards
  • URLs to street addresses
  • One site at a time to a whole city of content
  • Finding 'what you know' to discovering 'what you don't know'.

Why use 3B?

Find out why different people use 3B in the 3B tour.

Example 1 - looking for a book: If you want to find a specific book, you'll type it into a search engine and get the results really quickly. But if you are going on holiday and you want a crime novel, typing this into a website will give you a boring long list. Some people might go to a physical bookshop instead. But with 3B you can browse around the  3B book store  and get great ideas like you would in a real store.

Example 2 - finding a holiday: If you want to go on a beach holiday, typing beach holiday into a search engine will not be that useful, because the results will be too varied. But browsing the beach section of  3B vacation  will give you hundreds of destination ideas very quickly.

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" Let me start by saying WOW ! I've wanted to browse like this for so long. Keep up the outstanding work." Chris H, DC


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