Doing Business

For retailers

Shoppers, and women in particular, really enjoy 3B's mall-like browsing experience. It's intuitive and allows users to make quick visual judgments.

And 3B encourages browsing so the shopper can see a large number of products and may very well leave your 3B store with unplanned purchases. It's a relief from the hard work involved in clicking on lots of small thumbnails to see what the product really is.
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For portals and web publishers

3B is a great way to browse content, especially if it's visual and rich in photography. 3B also enables a new kind of 'display' advertising on the web with full size windows which are not an interruption to the user's experience.

Broadband ISPs can co-brand the 3B browser and build a 3B website city for their subscribers, driving sign-ups and gaining new revenues.
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