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3B embodies one of the biggest innovations in on-line advertising seen in years: full size branded adverts which don't interrupt the user's experience.

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The adverts can either click through to the same page that is shown on the wall or a different landing page.

There are two main areas where advertising is relevant. 3B enables user generated 3D rooms to be created for free. Users can add their MySpace, any photos, their favorites or convert any web site they like into a 3D room. Each room features 50 to 100 walls which house the web content. 3B retains at least three of the walls in each room for advertising.

The small rooms also have sponsorship opportunities such as food and drink. Users have avatar's that wear clothing and you may want to feature your clothing range here.

In addition there are larger 3D spaces which tend to be topic oriented. eg. fashion, video games, new york. Each of these spaces link to 100s of web sites on the topic. You can also rent a wall to advertise in these larger spaces.

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