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If you have a web site that you would like to integrate with user generated rooms similar to you've come to the right place! You can also find out more about 3B's technology.

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We'll have more details about our API here shortly. But there's an easy way to figure out most of it yourself.

We refer to our smaller user generated 3D spaces as rooms. Create a room and then you can view the source by using the menu 'File > Save as'. This saves a bbb file that contains XML which is used to define the web sites or images that you see in a room.

Every wall is numbered and referred to in the XML as a 'quad'. And every quad has a URL assigned to it. Optionally there is a different clickthrough URL, but if it isn't there then the main URL is used for the clickthrough as well.

So can you help people create rooms from your web site? Just use their profile to output xml like this, and when they click on the bbb file it will open it in 3B.

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