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3B offers a fun new way to present a lesson. Students can travel through a themed 3D space to arrive at the web sites that are relevant to their class.

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How does it work?

3B can help you to set up a 3D space for your organisation, where each 'wall' is a web page. All this information comes from existing web sites.

When the student clicks on the web site or wall they visit the corresponding web page in the usual way.

Students can wander around the space on their own, or be taken on guided tours, or search the space and take a 'taxi' to their site of choice.

What are the benefits of 3B?

  • 3B makes it more fun
  • It's the ultimate in interactivity
  • Students can follow the teacher and have set tours
  • Students can create their own mini 3D spaces
  • Custom versions are available with access control for your school members only
How long does it take?

Creating one of these 3D spaces takes very little time. It's as simple as pasting a web address. Building bespoke 3D ambient environs can take a little longer - from 2 weeks to a month. But if you're happy to use existing environs that cuts down the time.

How much work is it for me?

Setting up a 3B space is very little work. You decide where you want the web sites to be placed, and there is very little additional work for you.

The benefits of 3D

  • It's more visual and there is a sense of 'being there'
  • Once the 3B space has loaded, the user can browse the web sites much faster
  • It's inherently social - you can view the space online and share the experience with other people. The web tends to be a little cold. 3B makes it more personal
  • It enables lessons and tours remotely with students attending 'virtually'

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