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3B offers a fun new way to enable fans to show and share their passion.

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With 3B you can get all these features: chat, social networking, personalized avatars, animations, user generated content, and virtual worlds.


Sports fans can express their passion by creating their own 3D spaces dedicated to the team and stars they support. They can choose a 3D theme, personalize it, and add web sites to the walls.

Their avatars can be personalized for their favorite sports team, and they can hang out and chat with fellow fans. And the moves of the avatar can mimic the victory dances of their favorite stars.

But don't leave it there. The user generated 3D spaces can be ranked and points can be earned for activities. The best user spaces are displayed in a hub with plenty of competition to get there.

The ultimate is for one of the stars to join the chat session with their fans in 3B.

A few of the sports themes created so far include football, soccer, and basketball.

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How long does it take?

To be able to offer this to your viewers or fans will take less than a month.

How easy is it for the fans?

3B is specifically designed for the non tech user. So a newbie is given tools to make sure they get something at the click of a button.

More sophisticated users can personalize more areas and get a deeper sense of involvement. But there is something for everyone.

Tools for end users

Users can create their own personal 3D spaces adding their web pages. There are tools to enable them to

  • convert their favorites
  • add links from their room to their MySpace profiles and friends profiles
  • convert numerous other web sites into 3D spaces
  • choose from a variety of 3D themes like football, basketball, soccer and customize it for their team
  • place a widget in their MySpace profile or other web page that links to their 3B space
  • customize their avatars in seconds
  • enable their avatar to display moods and emotions

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