Doing Business


Partner with 3B to create a bespoke virtual environment for your organisation. This is a potential new revenue opportunity with little investment and hence can produce a strong ROI.

Your 3B city can feature a shopping area where stores pay you to feature their web site. It can also pull together other advertising for your partners as well as links to your support areas. For your end users, you can offer novel new features such as 3D photo galleries.

3B is one of the few truly broadband applications. It offers both value add to your end users and a new advertising revenue opportunity for your company.  Get in touch here.

Portals and web publishers

For portals and web publishers with strong visual content, 3B offers a compelling new experience for users. 3B also introduces a completely new revenue source from advertisers.

If you have strong visual content and high traffic, then 3B would be interested in working with you to create a 3D version of your site, using existing web content. The sectors that are of most interest are travel, art, and exhibitions. But we would be happy to discuss other sectors as well. Let us know what you have in mind.


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