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Retailers and 3B

3B offers a familiar real-life metaphor - window shopping. This allows shoppers to stumble upon products they never knew existed. And it's a relief from the hard work involved in clicking on lots of small thumbnails to see what the product really is.

View the eBay wedding store in 3B

How does it work?

3B will set up a store for your company, where each 'window' in the store is a large product image as well as a brief description and price. All this information comes from your current web site. Because 3B displays web pages and images in 3D environs.

When the user clicks on the image or window they visit the corresponding product page on your web site. In other words, 3B drives traffic to your existing store, using your existing content.

What are the benefits of a 3D store

For many people shopping is a visual experience. Even if you're doing your food shopping, when you walk down the aisles you choose your usual products visually. Not through a complex menu system.

3B is also a social experience. Women especially enjoy shopping together, and 3B allows you to see your friends and shop in groups.

Or ... use it for store planning

Would you like to move the products around in your bricks and mortar store? With 3B you can test and place products in different positions. Then walk down the aisles virtually to get a feel for the layout. And don't worry, you are not limited to one product per wall. You can stack products in shelf-like configurations.

Can I see examples of stores?

There are more than a hundred and fifty stores already live.

You can see links to demos here.

If you'd like to set up a 3B store, contact 3B.

What you need to do to get started?

  • 3B can take any existing feeds provided to, Shopzilla or any other comparison shopping site. If you don't have a feed, 3B can extract the information from your site (in most cases)
  • 3B can integrate with most backend database systems
  • The large images on your web site need to be at least 300 x 300 pixels in size, ideally 400 or 500 pixels. They don't need to be square


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