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If you have a web site that you would like to integrate with user generated rooms similar to please visit the developer page. This page describes how to create a bespoke 3D space.

Visit 3B fashion in 3B now.

3B users need to download free software which is 10mb in size and which includes a bundled and 3B branded version of Firefox. Customized versions of the 3B client can be created for partners. 3B is capable of supporting most foreign character sets including Japanese and Chinese.

The server

3B also have a multi-tiered server infrastructure. This is designed to be completely scalable so there is no limit to the number of people that can view the same space. 3B does limit the number of avatars in the same space at the same time to ensure good performance to minimize hardware requirements for the user's computer. So multiple separate groups of people can experience the same space.

Every web wall within the 3D space has an assigned number, and each wall is assigned a URL for the image that is seen within 3B and an optionally different URL for when the user clicks on the wall.

The content on the walls can be maintained:

  • by automatically using a robot or scraper to extract information from a web site it relates to
  • by integrating with a backend API. For example 3B is integrated with eBay's API
  • by updating a spreadsheet and uploading it to the server
  • by using the web interface on the server to change the URL used on a wall
  • 3B has a developed retail system to automatically keep retail stores updated when products change. Maintenance requires minimal human involvement.

    Tools for end users

    Users can create their own personal 3D spaces adding their web pages. There are tools to enable them to

    • convert their favorites
    • add links from their room to their MySpace profiles and friends profiles
    • add links to their flickr or deviantART galleries
    • convert numerous other web sites into 3D spaces
    • choose from a variety of 3D themes like emo, hip hop, beach
    • place a widget in their MySpace profile or other web page that links to their 3B space
    • customize their avatars in seconds
    • enable their avatar to display moods and emotions
    Tools for partners

    There is a set of tools available to partners to build 3B spaces and experiences. This includes an environment editor that enables you to import industry standard 3D designs from the likes of 3D studio max or Blender.

    For avatars, there is a preview tool which again lets you import models and animations from 3D studio max or Blender.

    There is also an avatar interface editor in order to add textures and color palettes to the avatars.

    Access to servers and these tools are only currently available to partners. Contact us to inquire about partnering.


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