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User interface design for web applications

Purple is very experienced in taking a software idea from the drawing board and creating screen interfaces which bring the concept alive. This is best done with a team of two or three: the client, a user interface expert and a business person. The key benefit purple brings, is making it easy for the end user.

If you leave the user interface design up to the programmers, the interface could be more complex than is needed. To get the techies to do a first pass and then a designer to 'pretty them up' can result in a poor user experience. Why? Developers tend to be pretty bright and handle complexity with ease. But most importantly they are too close to the project. There is a tendency to add too may options, which can overwhelm new users.

This doesn't mean the options shouldn't be included, just not for newbies. The cliche 'less is more' is relevant for interface design.

Our process involves: