About Us


Founded in 2003, 3B is an international software development and services company dedicated to creating the next generation 3D online experience. 3B provides a platform that enables users to socialize, shop and browse within a 3D environment.

3B's online social experience enables users to hang out and chat in customizable 3D spaces called villages. These spaces are built to display their MySpace pages, their friends' pages, their favorite websites, their flickr photos and more. In addition to creating a personalized avatar which they can dress and design, the user can personalize their village by choosing a 3D theme for their space and changing some of the elements inside the village.

Some examples of 3D themes available include art gallery, auto, beach, emo, girly, the lounge, New York, party, prom, retro cafe, sky lounge, soccer, spa, techno, hiphop, weddings, football and basketball.

3B International has subsidiaries in London, England and Cape Town, South Africa.


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